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Çanakkale Balıkadamlar Diving and Training Center is a family-friendly diving center established to provide you with fun and adventure-filled days throughout the year. We have been continuing our diving training adventure, which we have been carrying out under different corporate identities since 2003, in our existing clubhouse and boats since 2021. We are waiting for you at Çanakkale Fishmen Diving and Training Center, which is one of the authorized diving training centers affiliated to the Turkish Water Sports Federation (TSSF), with all the equipment that may be required for divers of all levels and our expert trainers. We are working to bring you together with the beauties of the underwater with the trainings we will give with our trainers. We invite you to Çanakkale Fishmen Diving and Training Center to share with you the unique historical and underwater beauties of Çanakkale and to accompany you on dives where you can make a trip to history, even if it is a small one. Please get in touch to learn more about our services.

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Scuba Oxygen Tank
Pack of Fish
Under the Sea
Two Scuba Divers
Scuba Diver and Corals
Coral Reef
Scuba Divers
Diving with Fish
Scuba Diver
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